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Ch. Tank
Ch. Basha
Ch. Nicky
Ch. Kumbaya VHH
Ch. Sayla VHH
International Ch. Bada BINGA
Raisin' Caine
High Kalibur, CGC, SC, FC, FCh
Rocket & Redman Owned and Loved by Beth Karr
Rory Morrison BEFORE & AFTER
Dearly Departed
Photo Album

Tyler PeughWEBMASTER of this webpage and a very good handler & trainer on his own!  Send him a KUDOs at email:

To Each and Every Kitambi Puppy Owner: Thank you for selecting and having Kitambi in your home and in your lives. Thank you each and every one of you for being the best of owners: SERVANT TO THE HOUND!

Daryl Cooper, Professional Handler and Master instructor. Daryl's education in the dog world is that of no other behaviorist, handler, or trainer in the United States or Internationally. Daryl you are the best! You took my dogs to a new level. Thank you Daryl for all of the awards you brought to Basha and Tank.
Phone: 651.398.5766.

Holly May, CPC, CPC-H: Foxrun Bullmastiffs of Sterling, IL. Expert breed handler and obedience trainer, mentor, and most appreciated of all - a great friend. Owner, breeder, trainer & handler - Holly, you are in a class all your own! THANK YOU.
Email: <>
Telephone: 815/499-1186

Thomas P. Gnoske, proudly owned by Marley and Mia and the dearly departed Tsavo. Assistant Collective Manager and Chief Preparator, Division of Birds, Zoology, The Field Musuem. Through your time, educating, and dedicated research to the dog community and students of Freshman field trip students of Sterling High School, you have brought us great insights to the science of research and education. Thank you for encouraging and pointing the way for new researchers.  We await your newest and latest research findings.
Telephone: 312/665-7726.

Edna Shade, Marula RR's of Tahlequah, OK:  Breeder, Mentor, and good friend.  Proud owner to the recently departed and well loved Marula's Bruno, proud sire to our TANK. Thank you Edna!

Walt Giuffrida & Jacqui Wheatley of Von Hoofer Hound RR's, Seattle, Washington. Proud owners of Bantu, Zuzu, Congo, and Swoozie. Thank you for your great generousity and friendship. And, mostly for showing Tyler and I how to grow up and be who we could and should be. Take a step "outside of the box" and reap the rewards!
email: Walt Giuffrida <>  Thank you for keeping this link up and running and so very correct!   I refer to the pedigrees and photos often. Each member a mentor demonstrating excellence in breeding, showmanship, betterment of the breed, and most imporantly as humans we CAN BE better than ourselves, and let our RR's lead the way.

Karen Peugh
Sterling, Illinois
# 815-590-2345

Last edited 01/10/2016